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Graphic Designer Desk
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I am a Graphic Designer & Illustrator based

    out of Charlotte, NC. I specialize in 

             graphics and photo manipulation.

Graphic Design is my passion. It's what I do. 

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Feel free to browse my portfolio, past work and get in contact for future work.

Graphic Design



My skills span across multiple different medias and processes from digital all the way to hands on processes, I work in it.

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Laptop and Notebook

Artist Statement

Throughout my life, creation has been a huge part of my life. From making scribbles on paper to taking formal classes later in life, art has always been something I've enjoyed doing. As an artist my work incorporates the use of basic geometric shapes along with typography and the use of collage in order to create a cool cohesive design that are visually interesting. Through my training, I have been able to see what my interests and what my overall processes are, that goes into creating something. I have been able to enhance my skills and push myself to learn more about my craft and make stronger work. -  Matt Cook.

Need something done?

Look no further. I can take care of you. Feel free to get in contact with me about your ideas. Click the logo above to go to the contact page. 

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Have a blessed day!

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